Citi-Cargo: A Servant of the Education Industry

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, enrollment rates from pre-k through 8thgrade public schools increased about 8% between 2006 and 2018, but the number of educational institutions has remained approximately the same. This means there are more students, but not much more space for them.

“Each year, when school is out, the classroom remodeling projects begin and our containers house all furniture, classroom materials, lab equipment, and so on while the construction projects proceed,” said Nick Papke, Sales Director, Citi-Cargo & Storage, Minneapolis, MN. School districts also need logistics and storage when a school moves in or out of a building, or a new site is built.

Here at Citi-Cargo, we service many school districts throughout Minnesota and North Dakota each summer as they make big changes to their facility. But, when the school year kicks off, our job isn’t over.

Extra Storage for Athletic Equipment

Many schools need extra storage when various sports seasons begin. Football teams use tackling sleds; track and gymnastics utilize foam landing pads; baseball teams need equipment like pitching machines and field striping machines. All of these types of items are big and bulky and can occupy very expensive indoor space. Citi-Cargo offers a secure, weatherproof, and affordable solution for these storage challenges.

Extra Storage for School Maintenance & Facilities Equipment

We also serve the maintenance and facilities teams at schools and educational institutions by housing lawn mowers, snow removal equipment, fuel cans, tools and more in our secure, storage units. More outside storage means more room for classrooms and activities inside the building. “Our customers in education know it is cost-efficient to use outside storage for these items and inside space for temperature sensitive material or equipment, or to free up space for students, teachers, and staff,” Papke said.

Available Storage Containers

We have storage containers in a variety of sizes available for delivery and pickup nearly anywhere within the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Fargo/Moorhead areas. See Storage Container Options.

Temporary Classrooms in Minnesota and North Dakota

A particularly large incoming class can also require innovative solutions. Some schools need temporary classrooms. We can custom build temporary, onsite classroom spaces with everything from multiple entries to climate control and more for a comfortable, secure on-site classroom.

The applications for Citi-Cargo & Storage’s services in the education industry are limitless. “Most school districts and universities struggle with storage requirements at some time,” Papke said. “We even put a couple of containers out each year for special events like school-run rummage sales as well as props and stage storage for musical and theatrical productions.”

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More than storage, Citi-Cargo offers transportation solutions when an educational institution needs to make a big move, store equipment, house classrooms or transport heavy equipment. At Citi-Cargo, we have experts with more than 30 years experience serving the education industry. Contact us to talk about custom solutions to offer the space and security you need.

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