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Citi-Cargo & Storage’s Warehousing Customers

100+ Years Combined Experience Serving Midwestern Industries

Citi-Cargo & Storage serves a wide range of businesses based in the Twin Cities and throughout the Midwest, allowing them to safely warehouse valuable goods for shipping throughout the United States. With strategic warehouse locations in St. Paul and Minneapolis, we serve the following industries:

  • Food, Beverage, Grocery
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing and Installation
  • Paper
  • Consumer goods
  • Construction/building materials
  • Metals
  • Industrial products
  • Medical supplies
  • Furniture
  • Documents
  • Appliances

In addition to serving these industries within our long- and short-term public warehousing facilities, we also provide a range of support and specialized warehousing services including distribution, emergency warehousing and seasonal warehousing. In fact, between our warehouses, experience and expertise, we can customize our services to fit the needs of almost any customer. At Citi-Cargo our customers’ unique — and sometimes even challenging — business needs always come first. We’ll employ the right facilities, equipment, technology, people and strategies to develop optimal solutions.

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warehouse of furniture


Size: 850,000+ plus square feet

Locations: Twin Cities Metro Area

Rail Access: Locations with reciprocal switching with all Twin Cities connecting railroads

MIS Support: Datex, Navision and RMI

Insurance: Warehouseman’s Legal Liability, Cargo, etc.

Security: ADT Fire, Sprinkler, and Burglar Protection

Sanitation: Pest control administered by certified specialists

Associations: Minnesota Transport Services Association, Minnesota Trucking Association

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