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Citi-Cargo & Storage’s Container Features and Applications

Small Storage Containers

Available Sizes: 10′ x 8′


  • Secure doors that feature lock rods and locking hasps or recessed locking pocket. Lock boxes also can be added as an additional security feature.
  • Weather resistant
  • Convenient
  • Inconspicuous with neutral paint color to blend into surroundings
  • Most have fork pockets to make them truly portable
  • Fast, on-time delivery and pickup

Applications Include:

  • Construction site storage (materials, tools, paint, copper, etc.)
  • Contractor tools (nail guns, ladders, compressors, shovels, rakes, hand tools, etc.)
  • Contractor materials (sheet rock, insulation, caulking, fasteners)
  • School and municipal maintenance equipment (snow blowers, mowers, gas cans)
  • Business records
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness

Medium Storage Containers

Available Sizes: 20′ x 8′; 22′ x 8′; 22′ x 9’6″


  • High security storage units, many with access on both ends
  • 22’ x 8’ and the extra wide 22’ x 9’6” offer recessed locking systems to keep contents safe
  • 22’ length designed to accommodate 20’ lengths of construction material
  • 20’x8’ have forklift accessible flooring for heavy load; ISO spec. shipping container
  • Quality steel construction
  • Fast, on-time delivery and pickup

Applications Include:

  • Construction site storage (materials, tools, paint, copper, etc.)
  • Landscape equipment (loaders, wheel barrows, spreaders, etc.)
  • School athletic equipment (pitching machines, track and field mats, gymnastics equipment)
  • Classroom remodels (books, desks, media materials)
  • Office remodels (furniture, records, supplies)
  • Auto dealerships (parts, tires, service and purchase records)

Large Storage Containers

Available Sizes: 40′ x 8′; 45′ x 8′; 48′ x 102″


  • 40’x8’, available access on both ends, recessed locking system available, lock boxes added to any piece
  • 45’ x 8’, insulated, high cube
  • 48’ x 8’6’: full 8’ of inside width. High cube. Max capacity.
  • All secure and weather proof. Forklift accessible, heavy-duty floors on most equipment.
  • Fast, on-time delivery and pickup

Applications Include:

  • Construction site storage (materials, equipment, tools, paint, copper, etc.)
  • Retail (store fixtures, seasonal inventory, remodeling projects)
  • Manufacturing (raw materials, finished goods, maintenance equipment)
  • Military (supplies, equipment)
  • Church (holiday decorations, remodeling projects)
  • Hotel remodeling (mattresses, furniture, carpeting, kitchen equipment, construction tools and materials)
  • Temporary office or classroom (with modifications)

Refrigerated Containers

Available Sizes: 20′ x 8′; 40′ x 8′


  • Electric refrigeration units
    • 230/460V, 3 Phase
    • User-friendly digital control
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Aluminum slotted floor for maximum air circulation
  • Swing doors
  • Reliable, quiet and secure
  • Temperature range: -10 to +70F
  • Fast, on-time delivery and pickup

Applications Include:

  • Fairs and festivals
  • Special events (company picnics, weddings, etc.)
  • Florists/nurseries
  • Grocery remodel or expansion (refrigerated or frozen)
  • Kitchen remodel (hotel, school or commercial)
  • Liquor stores (excess inventory)

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pipe racking  pipe racks IMG_4126 pipe racks IMG_4125


Maximize the efficiency of any storage container with optional pipe racking. Quick and easy to install, each pipe rack bracket has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. Keep your material even more accessible and completely organized. Contact us for more information.

10 foot storage container.


Need something extra? Not a problem. Citi-Cargo & Storage is experienced in all types of storage container modifications. Anything from additional cargo or personnel doors to customizing a full-featured, temporary construction or business office or temporary classroom complete with finished walls, heat, and air conditioning. Our staff and qualified vendors have many years of experience and many satisfied customers.

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