Onsite Temporary Offices for Short-Term Needs

20′ Onsite Temporary Offices

External Dimensions
Length = 20′ 0″ | Width = 8′ 0″ | Height = 8′ 6″

Internal Dimensions
Width = 6′ 10.25″ | Height = 7′ 7.25″

    Category: Onsite Temporary Offices

40′ Onsite Temporary Offices

External Dimensions
Length = 40′ 0″ | Width = 8′ 0″ | Height = 8′ 6″

Internal Dimensions
Width = 6′ 10.25″ | Height = 7′ 7.25″

    Category: Onsite Temporary Offices

Also Available
40′ Office Storage Combo: 15′ office w/25′ storage including a walk-through door and lighted storage

Keep Your Business On Track With a Secure Mobile Office from Citi-Cargo

Having a functional, safe, secure, mobile office is a great way to get the space where and when you need it. Citi-Cargo & Storage is your locally-owned source for modular, customizable temporary office space.

Citi-Cargo Container Offices Are:

  • High quality: Our team checks the integrity of every unit before delivery.
  • Safe: Our units sit directly on the ground. No stairs mean a safer work environment.
  • Secure: All steel construction and added security features minimize the chance of damage or theft.
  • Climate controlled: Great for getting out of the elements or storing temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Versatile: Outfit the office space with desks, tables, chairs or a refreshment area when you want to take a break from the Minnesota and North Dakota weather.
  • Local: When you choose Citi-Cargo, you choose to support a locally-owned and operated business that’s been serving the Minnesota and North Dakota regions for decades.


  • Fully functioning swing doors on one end for storage/office combo requirements
  • Side personnel doors w/lock box for added security
  • Screened windows
  • Exterior flood lamp
  • 110V outlets
  • 125 Amp 120/220V sub panel
  • Electric heat / air conditioning
  • No slip floor

Most of our customers who use temporary office space are in the construction industry, but there are a number of other uses for portable offices or containers. Consider a temporary office space for any number of applications:

  • Retail: From storing Christmas trees to managing inventory fluctuations, mobile offices offer a flexible solution for everything from sales booths to storage.
  • Events and hospitality: With office trailers, your space goes wherever your schedule takes you. No matter if you’re hosting a sporting event, festival or concert, rest assured that you can have as much office spaces as you need, including finished walls and electricity, for applications like ticket booths and first aid stations.
  • Education: With the ebb and flow in student enrollments, a temporary classroom is a must in fluctuating educational environments. For applications like staff trainings, we can bring the classroom right to your workplace.
  • Healthcare: Hospital construction can throw off routine of patient care, but having the space you need helps minimize disruption. It can also serve as interim storage for medical supplies when your usual space is out of order.
  • Disaster relief: Fast access to secure space is crucial when the unexpected strikes. Temporary offices are used in emergency situations for everything from portable shelters to relief supply storage to emergency facilities for rescue teams.
  • Security and public safety: A portable trailer can become a mobile checkpoint when you have something worth protecting. Use a portable office as a tollbooth, media checkpoint or security station.
  • Energy: Portable offices offer a climate-controlled space for an industry with ever evolving needs and sites out in rain, snow, wind and remote locations. Energy professionals can manage their fieldwork in comfort just steps from the project site.
  • Construction and engineering: Whether you’re building a bridge in Fargo/Moorhead, constructing buildings in Minneapolis, or upgrading the airport in Duluth, you can manage your project without leaving the worksite. Rest assured that your equipment and supplies are safe and sound inside our secure, all steel containers.

In today’s world, workplace safety is of utmost importance. Our temporary offices sit right on the ground. Eliminating stairs and potential falls in your temporary office is an enormous benefit. ~ Nick Papke, Sales Director at Citi-Cargo & Storage in Minneapolis