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Citi-Cargo & Storage Warehousing for Short-term, Temporary Needs

Secure Storage for Minnesota and the Greater Midwest

Citi-Cargo & Storage rents or leases seasonal, temporary and short-term warehousing space to fit virtually any need. We have more than 850,000 square feet of secure, monitored, temperature-controlled warehouse space in the Twin Cities available for customers with temporary or cyclical warehousing needs, including:

  • Seasonal products including everything from sand, ice melt, and snow blowers, to lawn and garden equipment and tools, as well as patio furniture and grills.
  • Solar panel installation.
  • Agricultural products including bailing twine, tools, and equipment.
  • Holiday products including Christmas wreaths and decorations, Halloween costumes and decorations, and Easter candy.

Short-term, third party seasonal warehousing gives retailers space to store their oversized seasonal products — the perfect solution for spikes in seasonal demand. As with our long-term warehousing solutions, all of our temporary or short-term warehousing solutions offer accessible and centralized connections to shipping centers throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

See our primary warehousing facilities page for warehouse logistics, options, and specialized services.

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sand and salt bags in warehouse

Our retail stores have seasonal freight fluctuations that we cannot absorb in our buildings. Citi-Cargo & Storage has the fleet size and equipment availability when we need it. We really rely on them and they are there for us all the time.
Deb, Major Retailer
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