Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Citi-Cargo & Storage Services

Whether your questions are about warehousing, trailers or transportation throughout the Midwest and the United States, find the answers here:

How do I get a storage container?

First, request a quote and be sure to let us know any questions you might have. Then, simply fill out the account set up information and fax or mail your completed credit application to our office. A certificate of insurance is also required for equipment rental. For exact insurance requirements, please refer to Account Set Up. Once an account is established, our dispatch department can schedule your delivery. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Do you provide ramps to assist in loading?

Yes. We have 5′ x 6′ steel dock plates available for rent. Rates and availability vary.

My company would like to drive into your container with a forklift. Is the container able to handle the weight?

Citi-Cargo’s fleet of new and refurbished shipping or ISO spec containers can indeed handle the load. Be sure to specify that you need this type of container when ordering.

I would like to rent a storage container but don’t know if my site is large enough. How much space is required and does it require special preparation?

Because we use a “tilt bed” fleet of equipment to deliver our containers, we need to allow for the length of the storage unit AND the combined length of the truck and trailer. The following is a good approximation of space needed for delivery/pick up:

  • 20′ container requires 70 linear feet of space
  • 40′ container, 100 linear feet, 48′ container, 110 linear feet

Site preparation is minimal. Once the clearance has been established, we can deliver your equipment on asphalt, cement, gravel, grass, etc. As long the surface is stable and level, we are able to place a storage unit. We do recommend that your site have good drainage as water pooling underneath the container is detrimental to your product and the equipment.

Can my rented storage container be relocated once I’ve loaded it?

Because of weight constraints and our method of transporting containers, we are unable to move your container loaded. However, we can provide a semi trailer to accommodate that request.

Does Citi-Cargo provide residential/household storage services?

Citi-Cargo & Storage only provides commercial/organizational, business-to-business rental and leasing packages. However, we would be happy to refer you to one of our many associates in the industry that do provide household services.