Secure, Affordable, Durable: Shipping Container Hunting Cabins

Minnesota and North Dakota are some of the greatest states to live in if you’re an avid hunter. The great north offers boundless stretches of forest, lakes and quiet land.

When you head out for a hunting trip, you want to keep your hunting gear safe, be ready for variable weather, and having a place to rest up before the next day’s hunt. A shipping container can make the perfect hunting cabin. They’re low cost, airtight, and you can customize them however you like.

At Citi-Cargo, we sell the shipping containers hunters need to create a small hunting cabin out in the woods. Here are some great reasons to build a tiny home out of shipping containers for your hunting trips.

Container Home Hunting Cabins are:

  • Ultra secure: When you’re bringing up expensive gear and firearms out into the woods, you want to keep things safe and secure. A steel shipping container with a lock-box and thief-proof door locks will deter would-be thieves from entering your property.

Don't Let Your Gear Be an Easy Target

“Hunting land is, by default, located in unpopulated areas,” said Nick Papke, Sales Director at Citi-Cargo. “The hunter’s equipment and gear are easy targets if left in a cabin or shed.”

  • Critter-free: The air-tight security doesn’t just prevent break-ins. It keeps out mosquitoes, bees, rodents, and other intruders who might want to call your cabin home, which is especially important when you might not be there for months at a time.
  • Inexpensive: Whether you bought some hunting land you want to eventually build on or you just want something heftier than a shack or tent while you’re hunting, you can have a shelter with as many or few amenities as you want for far less than the cost of a cabin.
  • Comfortable and climate controlled: Speaking of amenities, you can outfit your container-home cabin with heat and air, a stove, electricity, plumbing, separate rooms, windows and more if you’d like.
  • Versatile: You can set up the space however you need it, using multiple containers if necessary. You might want half of the space for comfortable sleeping and eating quarters and the other half with a garage for your tools and ATV. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you come up with a plan for it.

Shipping container cabins are, by nature, low maintenance, but choosing new containers rather than used ones will minimize maintenance even further, and extend the life expectancy of the cabin. Beyond that, the only limit to container homes is your budget and your imagination.

Are you looking for shipping containers to build your durable, low-cost hunting cabin? Contact us for a quote.