Rent, Lease or Buy Storage Containers in Fargo, North Dakota

Learn Why Fargo Businesses Trust Citi-Cargo & Storage for Secure Storage Containers

Citi-Cargo shipping containers are secure and weather resistant, with heavy-duty flooring and high quality steel construction. We offer fast and on-time delivery. Whether you’re in the construction, landscaping, grocery or events business, we offer unique features to meet your storage needs.

Unique Shipping Container Sizes in Fargo/Moorhead

With 15’,  20’, and 25’x8 sized shipping containers, Citi-Cargo is a source of new, uniquely sized storage containers in the Fargo/Moorhead area. These units have full ISO/shipping container specifications and added security (lock boxes), corner castings, easier operations (waist high handles and rubber-coatings) and forklift pockets.

Shipping Container Sizes, Features and Benefits

Standard Shipping Containers in Fargo

Our standard fleet also includes storage containers in small, medium or large:

  • 10’x8′ standard shipping containers perfect for keeping records, equipment and maintenance or construction equipment safe and secure.
  • 15’x8′ storage units are perfect for secure storage of construction tools and materials, business records, maintenance equipment and more.
  • 20′x8’ storage container is ideal for heavy loads, with forklift accessibility and high quality steel and quality steel construction.
  • 22’x8’ storage containers (available in 9’6”) are built specifically to accommodate 20′ lengths of material. Accessible from both ends and virtually theft proof with recessed locking pockets.
  • 25’x8’ shipping containers are designed with the construction industry in mind. They can carry materials greater than 20’, such as piping, and have waist-high, handles with rubberized coatings, corner castings and forklift pockets.
secure construction site storage
interior storage container racks

Add Shelving Brackets and Pipe Racking

Maximize efficiency by keeping your materials organized and easy to access. Install pipe racket brackets with weight capacity up to 1000 lbs, and pipe racking into your storage container. Contact us to learn more.

Modify Shipping Containers to Meet Your Needs

From adding a door to customizing a full-scale temporary office with walls, head and air-conditioning, we’ve done it all. Our staff and vendors have the experience and know-how to add the finish and features to make your storage unit work for your Fargo/Moorhead business. Contact us to learn more.