Citi-Cargo & Storage: Buy, Lease or Rent Portable Storage Containers in Minneapolis

Minneapolis’ Citi-Cargo & Storage offers on-site storage containers, portable storage units and mobile storage.

On-Demand Storage Units in Minneapolis

Citi-Cargo & Storage provides affordable, safe, secure, weather-resistant storage on-demand virtually anywhere in the Minneapolis metro area. Available in small, medium or large, we offer:

Unique to Minneapolis: 15’ and 20’ Size Shipping Containers

Did you know? Citi Cargo & Storage offers storage unique unit sizes unique to Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Metro.  These 15- and 25-foot units have full ISO/shipping container specifications. They offer added security (lock boxes), easier operations (waist-high handles and rubber-coatings), as well as corner castings and forklift pockets.

Rent, Lease or Purchase Storage Units from a Trusted Minneapolis Supplier

With over 100 years of experience in shipping container sales, Citi-Cargo & Storage is a trusted provider of the containers to a wide range of industries in Minneapolis, including construction site storage, landscaping, schools, fairs and festivals, grocery and beverage, and more.

Citi-Cargo shipping containers are secure and weather resistant, with heavy-duty flooring and high quality steel construction. We offer fast and on-time delivery.

Learn more about Citi-Cargo & Storage containers.

mobile storage containers in minneapolis

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