Citi-Cargo & Storage: Rent, Lease or Buy Storage Containers Throughout Much of Minnesota

Minnesota’s Citi-Cargo & Storage offers on-site storage containers.

Safe, secure, weather resistant storage units are in demand in Minnesota. Citi-Cargo offers small, medium and large mobile storage units for a wide range of Minnesota industries, including construction, events and entertainment (fairs, festivals, athletics), landscaping, grocery, and more.

Secure and weather resistant, Citi-Cargo storage containers offer heavy-duty flooring and high quality steel construction. We offer fast and on-time delivery.

A Customizable On-Site Shipping Container Option

From adding shelving for piping to converting a container into a comfortable office space, our staff and vendors can accommodate your businesses unique needs. Contact us to talk about how we can help create the ideal solution for your needs.

New Mobile Storage Containers Available in Minnesota

We recently added mobile storage containers with some unique features and benefits to our Minnesota inventory:

  • 40’x8 standard cube shipping and storage containers have open access on both ends secured by factory-installed lock boxes.
  • 20’ side opening containers are ideal for loading cumbersome, difficult to handle items, or inventory that requires loading with a forklift.
  • Portable offices with climate control come in 40’ office or 40’ x 8’ office/storage combo units.
  • 20’ x 8’ containers are a simple, convenient, and affordable option for extra office space for your Minnesota business.

Standard Shipping Containers Available in Minnesota

Our standard fleet also includes storage containers in small, medium or large:

Learn more about Citi-Cargo & Storage containers.

mobile storage containers in minnesota

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