Safe, Secure, Cost-Effective Portable Storage Containers in St. Paul

Citi-Cargo & Storage offers on-site storage units for the construction, healthcare, manufacturing industries and more.

A Trusted St. Paul Storage Container Supplier

Whether you’re looking for standard containers, temporary offices, or side-opening units, our locally owned and operated business has been serving St. Paul for more than 30 years. Our customers belong to a range of industries, from grocery to festivals, schools to construction, military to manufacturing.

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Storage Unit Features & Applications in St. Paul

With on-time delivery or pickup virtually anywhere in St. Paul or the Twin Cities Metro area, you can rent, lease or buy storage containers for nearly any application.

St. Paul Storage Unit Features

  • Highly secure storage units
  • Recessed locking systems for increased safety
  • Quality steel construction
  • Weather-proof
  •  Extra height or length to accommodate long or bulky loads*
  • Insulation*
  • Forklift accessibility*
  • Refrigeration*
  • Aluminum floor for maximum circulation*
  • Two-end or side-opening doors*

*Certain units/sizes only

Citi-Cargo & Storage Unit Sizes

Unique to St. Paul and the Twin Cities Metro

Citi-Cargo & Storage now offers 15 and 25-foot units with full ISO/shipping container specifications. With lock boxes, waist-high handles, forklift pockets, corner castings, you get added security and easier operations. Not sure which size container you need? View the Storage Container Selection Guide.

mobile storage containers in st. paul

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[callout title=”Storage Container Selection Guide” button=”Go” link=”/storage-container-selection-guide/” buttoncolor=”gray” target=”_self”]A convenient and helpful guide to storage container sizes and options.[/callout]


[callout title=”Request Quote” button=”Request Quote” link=”/container-trailer-request-quote/” buttoncolor=”gray” target=”_self”]A St. Paul company, let Citi-Cargo & Storage find the right onsite storage containers for your application. Request your quote today or call (800) 864-3752.[/callout]


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