Service/Spare Parts Logistics (SPL)

This type of logistics service is different from 3PL and the others because it’s the only one that stores products after they’ve been bought. Used mostly for the technological and transportation industries, this service helps them not have long down times due to lack of parts. By storing multiple parts that they may need in one location with options for a fast delivery, they avoid relying on outside manufacturers to ship their parts to them. For example, an airplane is inspected between flights at MSP and needs a certain part that comes only from Indonesia form Boeing. How do they get it up same day, or even same week? They need to have that part on hand in a local warehouse – they need a SPL provider. Citi Cargo is aptly ready for being a SPL provider and has a variety of options to help you and your company avoid, to the best of your abilities, the unavoidable repairs.