On-Demand Emergency Warehousing & Distribution: Recovering from a Supply Chain Disruption

emergency warehousing and distribution

The cold, snowy season is here, and Minnesota and North Dakota have already seen reports of more snow coming than we’ve seen in 10 years. Severe weather—even natural disasters states or countries away—can impact the supply chain in the great north.

When hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005, the impact on businesses radiated throughout the country and beyond. Luckily, a lot was learned from that experience, and businesses have learned how to prepare, starting with understanding all the links in your supply chain.

To prepare, ask yourself:

  • Which link in your supply chain is most likely to be affected in an emergency?
  • What transportation routes are most vulnerable?
  • Of the risks that seem more likely (here, snow, flooding, tornados), are there potential damages you can help control? For example, can you be ready to step up production at facilities in a different region if necessary?
  • Do you have relationships with suppliers for storage and transportation that you could call on for back up?

Citi-Cargo would be happy to talk with you about a contingency plan if you need us. We can help with anything from vehicle storage to warehousing goods to logistics to temporary office space.

Prepare for An Emergency

Contact Citi-Cargo about our on-demand emergency warehousing and storage solutions.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about a non-weather related disruption—the tariffs on Chinese goods—that resulted in one company suddenly needing space for 248 containers of solar panels in New Jersey. A local company similar to Citi-Cargo split the goods between warehouses. In another case, after a natural disaster Procter & Gamble shipped in food, set up a phone center, and dug a well for water for their employees. They also move their offices temporarily to another city while they recovered.

Cases like these require emergency warehousing, trucking, logistics, as well as temporary office space and on-site, secure storage units. When an unexpected event occurs, companies like Citi-Cargo can help sort out the chaos.

“If your business is interrupted by Mother Nature or some other type of disaster,” said Nick Papke, Sales Director at Citi-Cargo & Storage, “our warehouses offer an excellent short-term solution.” You can simply divert your supplies, materials, etc. to us for storage and distribution until your facility is back up and running.

Whether a tornado or global trade tensions cause a backup, you can minimize loss and return to normal operations faster.

Do you want more information about how Citi-Cargo & Storage can help your Minnesota or North Dakota business in an emergency? Contact us to learn more.