New Containers, Portable Offices & Flatbed Trailers Available for Lease Now

Our customers require more offices and trailers, and we have expanded our equipment for lease. Citi-Cargo recently added 20′ open-sided containers, 40′ office/storage combination containers, more 20′ offices to its container fleet, and additional flatbed trailers. This equipment is available for rental out of our Twin Cities facilities.

Open-Sided Containers

When end-loading is impossible or extremely cumbersome, the open-sided container is an ideal solution. You can side-load longer lengths of material with a forklift, which is is far more efficient than hand loading; it also has end-doors for a typical load. Offset the cost of renting the container in labor savings alone.

Citi-Cargo has added:

20′ Open-Sided Containers: Full side door opening for side loading of product. Perfect for any material that is difficult to handle and needs to be loaded with a forklift.

Learn more about leasing an open-sided container from Citi-Cargo & Storage.

Portable Offices

Portable offices are becoming more and more common, and they aren’t just handy for professionals in the construction industry.

“I’ve seen portable offices used for warming houses at ice rinks, for guard shacks at manufacturing or utility companies,” said Nick Papke, Sales Director at Citi-Cargo & Storage in Minneapolis. “Portable offices can also be used at events such as fairs, outdoor markets, races/rodeos, or any other seasonal/temporary event where adding a fixed structure isn’t feasible or possible.”

Citi-Cargo has added:

40′ Office/Storage Combo: 40′ x 8′ ground-level container with 15′ of climate-controlled office space and 25′ of dry storage. We have a partition wall with personnel door for access to storage area from office. “It is a great ‘one stop shop’ piece of equipment,” said Papke.

20′ Offices: We’ve added more 20′ x 8′ ground-level containers that have been converted to fully functioning portable offices. These ground-level offices do not require OSHA approved stairs or skirting, nor do they require any tie downs or anchors so they are more convenient, easy to set up, and usually less-expensive.

Learn more about renting portable or temporary offices from Citi-Cargo.

Flatbed Trailers

With over-the-road, cartage, and storage capability, Citi-Cargo & Storage provides convenient and secure semi-trailers at highly competitive prices. Now we’ve expanded our semi-trailer fleet with 53’ flatbed trailers to meet growing demand.

Citi-Cargo has added:

53′ Flatbed Trailers: 2005 Transcraft.  53′ in length by 102″ in width.  Each trailer is equipped with air-ride suspension and a bulkhead.

Learn more about leasing semi-trucks and flatbed trailers from Citi-Cargo.

As a leading provider of on-demand storage and shipping units in the Twin Cities and Fargo/Moorhead areas, we have the flexibility to be proactive in recognizing developing trends and adapt to our customers’ changing needs. Learn more about the features and applications of our equipment for lease.