New Storage Units and Trailers Coming in 2019

Out with the old, in with the new. In early 2019, Citi-Cargo & Storage is retiring some of our older units and expanding our fleet of refrigerated units, storage containers and trailers. Some new storage units are available now.

Available Now

More than 30 late model, 53′ utility refrigerated trailers with Thermo King units. Several are California compliant. All are well-maintained, quality trailers with a mix of swing and roll up door options and cargo control features. Request a competitive quote.

The Youngest Fleet in the Market

We have high structural and cosmetic standards for our equipment, so retiring older units is something we’re committed to doing regularly. Not only do we want to dispel the perception that storage units are old, rusty and industrial looking, we want our customers to feel confident that the units we deliver will look good and perform well.

“When our drivers arrive on site with a high quality piece of equipment, our customer knows that they can concern themselves with more important aspects of their business and not have to worry about the performance and appearance of their rental choice.” ~ Nick Papke, Citi-Cargo & Storage

Thirty refrigerated trailers are available now. In the new year, we’re adding a significant quantity of high-quality storage containers that reflect the professional standards of your business.

New Equipment: Estimated Arrival February 2019

  • 40′ High-Cube Containers (40’1 x 8’w x 9’6″h), swing doors on both ends
  • 20′ Standard Cube Containers (20’1 x 8’w x 8’6″h) with swing doors on both ends

Features & Benefits

  • Factory installed, high-security lock boxes
  • Waist-high locking hardware
  • EOD (easy opening door) system featuring extra-long lock rod for added operating leverage when opening/closing
  • Factory painted in neutral colors

Leasing & Pricing

  • It is our goal to make sure that 100% of our customers are satisfied, and not only does our quality of equipment reflect that, our leasing and pricing policies do, too.
  • Keeping our fleet in good shape also minimizes the need for maintenance and repair, which allow us to keep costs down and pricing competitive.
  • We have real people answering our phones and experienced staff to help you determine what you need and when you need it.
  • We don’t increase minimum lease lengths or prices during busy times of the year.
  • Where some companies invoice on a four-week basis (which adds up to 13 times a year), we invoice monthly – 12 times a year.

Citi-Cargo & Storage is a local company with many years serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Fargo/Moorhead and greater Minnesota/North Dakota regions. And our company is here to help support yours. “We strive to offer products that will represent our customers well,” said Papke. “When you see a high quality piece of equipment at a customer’s location, the quality of that equipment can say a lot about the company using it.”

Prepare for your storage needs in the new year today. Request a quote.