4 Ways the Construction Industry Uses Mobile Storage Containers

Security. Space. Convenience. Climate control. These are common requests from our storage container customers, and never so often as in the construction industry. With thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment and materials, and with projects that change in location and scope, the demand for flexible, on-site storage for the construction industry is high year round. Here are some common uses for mobile on-site storage containers for construction projects.

1. Mobile Storage for Construction Materials

Anything too valuable to leave out exposed to the elements needs a safe storage solution. Think doors, windows, breakables, or anything that can be warped or damaged by weather. Popular options offer side-opening or double-end-opening storage containers, or hi-cube for easy loading and storing extra tall or long items. See storage container options for construction materials.

2. Mobile or Temporary Office Space

If you live in the regions we serve — Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo/Moorhead or greater Minnesota — adequate climate control in your construction office also is top of mind. You might use mobile office space in the construction industry for conference room space, break room space or for your desk staff. With lock-box security, heat and air conditioning, and all the ways you can customize the space, we can make adding office space to your construction site convenient. See temporary or mobile office options for the construction industry.

3. One-Unit Office and Storage Combination Spaces

Storage containers can be split into multi-use space with electricity, lighting, doors and climate control in one part but not the other. See our container options and contact us to talk about designing a space that’ll meet your needs.

4. On-site Storage for Construction Equipment

The construction industry requires the use of high-value equipment and materials, so the risk of theft is always a concern. When you’re storing expensive construction equipment, you need to know that it’s safe, and not all storage containers are created equal. Our storage containers have secure doors with lock rods and locking hasps or a recessed locking pocket, with a lockbox option.

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