Temporary Storage for Home Remodeling and Repair

Whether you’re ridding your house of 30-year-old carpet, or you’re repairing your home after tornado damage, most homeowners will need to do periodic remodeling and repairs. Small or large, you’re project will likely require some temporary storage. You’ll need a place to store furniture, appliances, cabinets, construction equipment, or new materials.

It isn’t efficient to move furniture and belongings from room to room to room. Whether you’re recovering from storm or fire damage, or are in the midst of a remodel, having a temporary container on site allows for a dry, secure gathering place for everything you need. ~ Nick Papke, Sales Director, Citi-Cargo & Storage

How to Choose Temporary Storage Units for Home Construction

Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing what type of storage to use for your next home remodeling project.

1. Storage unit size and amount of storage. You’ll want the units to fit on your driveway, leaving enough room to get in and out of a garage. Our 10’x 8’, 15’ x 8’ and 20’ x 8’ storage units are all excellent pieces of equipment for home construction projects; they will fit in most homeowner driveways and are convenient to deliver and pick-up using a roll back truck. See all our storage unit options.

2. Security. Construction sites with poor security are tempting for thieves. The quality of storage unit and the type of locks we use help keep your materials safe. Learn some other steps you can take for extra security during your home remodel project.

3. Delivery and pickup. At Citi-Cargo, we pride ourselves on the timely delivery and pick-up of our units by skilled drivers. Bear in mind, though, that we cannot remove a loaded container from a person’s property. Our trailers are not equipped for loaded units, and we wouldn’t want to be responsible if something is damaged. We provide static store solutions only.  If you do need a storage unit relocated, we can refer you to one of our many strategic partners that specialize in that service.

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4. Terms of rental agreement. Choose a vendor with flexible rental terms – just in case your project’s timeline changes. We’re known for our fair agreements and our fast and responsive customer service.

We’ve been serving construction and remodel customers in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and North Dakota for many years, and we often hear having additional space on site brings back some measure of organization into our customers’ lives. We’re equipped to serve every project size whether you’ve had a pipe leak and need one container or if you’ve suffered a major natural disaster and require fifty units. Whatever your need, we’re here to help provide a safe, dry solution, and some order to your project.

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