Citi-Cargo: A Servant of the Construction Industry

By 2020, the construction industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. If you’re in the industry, you’re probably noticing this shift now. Construction is currently growing by about 4.5% a year, which is projected to continue.

With a higher volume of jobsites, there’s a need for better ways to manage multiple sites, additional storage, and a greater emphasis on safety and security.

That’s where Citi-Cargo comes in.

We serve a variety of industries, but the construction industry makes up a big portion of our business, primarily for containers and site storage, but also for warehousing and transportation. Here are a few ways we can help keep your construction projects well organized and on track.

On-Site Storage

Security is one of the key concerns of our construction industry clients. We take extra measures to make sure your onsite storage containers and temporary offices offer convenient space that is safe and secure. See our on-site storage container options.

Climate Controlled Warehousing

When climate control is crucial, keeping materials on-site isn’t likely the best option. You can have your product shipped directly to us at Citi-Cargo, and we’ll receive it, update inventory, store it and ship it to the site when you need it. See warehousing options.


Many construction companies have their own storage equipment and want to have it transported from site to site. Often, vendors outsource this service to a heavy-haul company for a hefty price, or they don’t offer transportation at all.

Citi-Cargo is different. Our customers utilize our internal team of professional drivers to move items from site to site for them. As long as the equipment is empty, Citi-Cargo is pleased to offer this value-added service to our customers.  Learn about our logistics services.

Exceptional Service

Speaking of service, there are two key things to think about if you’re choosing a storage and logistics vendor: invoicing and the availability of staff.

Many companies in our industry invoice customers on a four-week basis (which adds up to 13 times per year) rather than a monthly basis (12 times a year). Even though that’s the industry norm, we don’t add an extra invoice. We bill monthly – 12 times per year.

We also think that great service is personable and local. Real, live humans answer our telephone, and when you work with Citi-Cargo, you can know you’re supporting a locally owned, long-time business with years of experience serving Minneapolis/St. Paul and greater Minnesota, and the Fargo/Moorhead and greater North Dakota regions.

Our business practices mean that we take the hassle out of managing multiple construction sites, whether you need storage, warehousing or transportation. We’re used to changing circumstances and last minute needs, and can handle any of the challenges your jobsite might present.

Learn more about Citi-Cargo & Storage solutions in Minneapolis, Fargo/Moorhead, and all of Minnesota and North Dakota.