Fargo/Moorhead, North Dakota Companies Choose Citi-Cargo for Their Temporary Storage Needs

According to the West Fargo Pioneer, Fargo and West Fargo’s population growth outpaced five major cities in the North Dakota region combined. As the population grows, so do businesses, especially in the construction, education, retail, and manufacturing industries, including ethanol and oil.

If you’re part of Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead’s prosperous economy, consider Citi-Cargo for:

  • Storage container rentals
  • Portable storage units for lease
  • Mobile offices and storage
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Transportation and more

Rent Storage Containers for Construction in Fargo, North Dakota

According to the North Dakota Census office, population growth gains momentum once the word gets out; people are interested in moving to prosperous cities.

More residents mean more apartment buildings, businesses, more schools and industry. All of that requires construction, and construction sites are by definition temporary, requiring mobile storage and office space.

They also contain expensive equipment worth protecting in safe, secure containers. While Fargo has earned its reputation as a safe, low-crime city, it only takes one thief to lose thousands of dollars worth of equipment. While theft isn’t the only reason storage containers for construction sites are a good idea (read 4 Ways the Construction Industry Uses Mobile Storage), it’s wise to lock up your valuables before the worst happens.

Citi-Cargo & Storage is the go-to supplier for temporary storage in the Twin Cities, Fargo/Moorhead, and greater Minnesota and North Dakota regions. Our storage containers are secure, safe, weather-resistant and well-maintained with flexible lease terms.

Lease Storage for Universities and Schools in Fargo, ND

When a city grows, its school population may grow faster than construction can keep up with. Citi-Cargo serves the education industry by offering temporary, onsite storage solutions. Storing items in secure containers may free up space inside the building. Learn more about how we serve the education industry.

Temporary Storage Rental for Retailers in Fargo/Moorhead

Whether you’re managing extra inventory over the holidays or need some more space while you get your store up and running, we’re ready to safely and securely store your goods, in all seasons, often at the last minute. See how we support retailers as they manage their inventory efficiently to ensure the best sales possible. See the services we offer to retailers.

Climate-Controlled Storage Containers for the Energy Industry in Fargo, ND

As a fellow far-north company, we get the climate control is no joke. One of our primary customers in Fargo is an energy company that needs refrigerated storage. If youneed climate controlled storage for material and equipment related to productionfor ethanol, or any other temperature-sensitive goods, including food and beverage, and that’s where we come in. See our refrigerated fleet.

Why Choose Citi-Cargo for Temporary Storage in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead, ND

If you value supporting regionally owned and operated businesses that offer in-person customer service, Citi-Cargo is the way to go. Our sales rep in Fargo is happy to have a one-to-one conversation about what you need and what you don’t, and to see that agreement though from your initial quote to organizing the trucking, delivery and pickup.

Our biggest competitor in Fargo is a huge, national conglomerate. Call and you’re routed to a switchboard. Pay an invoice and your dollars leave your community. With Citi-Cargo, you’re supporting a long-time regional business committed to supporting the exciting growth in Fargo.

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